Not Even GOD himself

Not Even GOD himself

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ray Mc Murrey Is From Here, He Still Believes Like It Says In The Intro, "I'll be a straight-shooter & a square-dealer "& He Does "Remember The Alamo"


"I'll be as hardy of mind as I am of body. I'll be a straight-shooter and a square-dealer. My family name will be sacred My word will be as good as any contract. I'll remember the Alamo. I'll stick by my friends. And I'll eat more chicken-fried steak."

"We do not win by replacing a corporate Republican with a corporate Democrat," said Mr. McMurrey, speaking to about a dozen supporters at an East Austin residence.

Ray told me this before he spoke at his Official Announcement to run against the Corporate Democratic Military Industrial Complex Candidate for Texas US Senator.

A very passionate candidate who is anything other than a fake or what some like to call a politician.

Ray is not a Politician and this is a very very positive attribute.

Dont get me wrong he is very well suited for the Senate and the diplomacy is there but there is a sternness that demands his respect kind of like the respect and command he possesses in the classroom. I think we can all agree, if he can handle our youth in the classroom he will do well for us in Washington.

Two more things

Remember the Alamo


Stay tuned for Jan 2 next year.

"We do not win by replacing a corporate Republican with a corporate Democrat," said Mr. McMurrey, speaking to about a dozen supporters at an East Austin residence.

Ray Mc Murrey is from Corpus Christi.

He tells us upfront of his progressive leanings and his disappointment in both of the Hegemonic Parties.

Hegemony,.... Watch the Movie "Hot Fuzz".

Posted By Jaime Kenedeño to Parkdale Bank at 12/28/2007 12:04:00 AM

Kenedeno & Associates

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fwd: [Dancing Politicos] Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juni...

South Texas Chisme: Could it be true, Is Fil Vela involved with Connie Scott?


TLR hates South Texas, does that include Connie and her Hubby?

WATTS his name? Mike Scott?

The Two Juniors represent not a mainstream Texas but they represent the Transplanted Texans (like Bush) and the Elite Texans (like K.C.Rove).

Junior John will say WATT ever it takes to get re elected.

>Why hasn't anyone gone after Filemon personally as a way to derail Rose?
>If you go to and follow the instructions on finding out who
>gave to whom, how much, and when, then load up Filemon Vela as an
>Individual Search you'll see he's made significant contributions to two
>notorious politicians. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Senator Robert
>Menendez (D-NJ). Hunter is an undicted coconspirator in the very same mess
>that sent ex-rep "Duke" Cunningham's ass to prison recently, and Menendez
>is currently under federal investigation for shady real estate dealings by
>renting a building he owns to a non-profit and pocketing $300, 000.00 in
>taxpayer subsidies.

Junior John is working with Fil Vela Jr. & Federal Prosecutors (in the Valley, CC, SA & Houston) to Manufacture White Collar Crime and use it as a Political Strongarm when the Political Strongarm should be accomplishments and the actual construction of a VA Hospital in the Valley.

Junior John has got to figure in this mix and Fil is the inroads (for Cornyn) into South Texas. We need to put a Big Stop Sign up in Robstown and inform them about Connie Scott as I understand Fil Vela is her campaign manager or treasurer and Mike Scott is a TLR guy with a title

Posted By Jaime Kenedeño to Dancing Politicos at 12/16/2007 10:52:00 PM

A Velacrat seeks a Federal Bench for his Rose? Is he targeting the Congresional Hispanic Caucus? After all, he was the "S Tx money man"

Is it Fil Vela who rolls out the welcome mat & @ WATT level do the ...
By Jaime Kenedeño(dannoynted1)
Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont give a hoot about a VA Hospital or Children's Healthcare. Fil Junior only seeks a Federal Bench for Rose. South Texas Chisme: Could it be true, Is Fil Vela involved with ...
Corpus Christi Caller Times -

Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont ...
By Jaime Kenedeño(Jaime Kenedeño)
Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont give a hoot about a VA Hospital or Children's Healthcare. Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont give a hoot about a VA Hospital or ...
South Texas Verdad -

Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont ...
By Jaime Kenedeño(Jaime Kenedeño)
who he will benefit and who he represents. No if ands or buts about it Junior John's Record is who he is, how he votes, who he represents and it is not the average Texan. Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Kenedeno, dannoynted1, ...
Corpus Christi Caller -

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007

Dear Mr Rangel,

The Caller Times continues to censor and manipulate public input while using the same censored material in their own articles and claiming it as their own work product. Below, the most recent material submitted to be included in the public comments for public viewing. On a positive note, we take it as a compliment.


Anton Haley

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jaime Kenedeno <>
Date: Dec 11, 2007 11:06 PM
Subject: Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007

WATT a Scam.....
Posted on December 11, 2007 at 10:57:25 PM by Jaime Kenedeno

Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007. History demonstrates that he has taken her back after filing for divorce 2 or 3 other times. Each time they patched things up $ Guy dismissed the case. I am not privy to the details but it appears his kindness was mistaken for his weakness. Of course, she wanted to stay living in the house however; she obviously didn't want him around performing his husbandly duties.

The husband has initiated divorce proceedings against Kimberly Kay Watts on three previous occasions. Each time he has relinquished (filed for non suit) which IMO shows he let her back in the marriage, he wanted to work things out and (that) she wanted to remain married to the man.




On Friday 12/07/2007 the husband filed for divorce for the 4th time.


Kimberly Kay Watts filed her answer on 12/11/2007 but, most likely learned of the filing on 12/09/2007 or 12/10/2007 and it is probable Kimberly Kay Watts was not a happy camper.

Kimberly Kay Watts is not listed with her husband as an owner of the Ocean Drive Property or any other property in Nueces County.

As far as Del Mar having problems, Guy is not the problem. Carlos Garcia, Ann Matula, John Graham and Judge Westergren along with the Fultonian Regents like Dawod, Adler, Mc Cambell, and Boggs who look the other way and cover up fiascos like the Teresa Cox Sexual Harassment Litigation including corroborated sex and pornography allegations against Judge Westergren and the Port Royal Alcohol/Sex incident in which Jose Rivera's initial investigation covered up both the alcohol and the sex. A hindsight investigation turned up a minuscule number of alcohol incidents and flat out denied the sex but expelled one female student for performance of sexual favors but administratively cited another reason for the expulsion.

Experience is a great teacher. I believe Mrs Kim Watts is pulling a "Dennis Rodman"; a tactical posture to "get the house".

Kenedeno & Associates

Sunday, December 9, 2007

[South Texas Verdad] B.A.C.A.L.A.: Velacrat is making friends with the Federal Entrapment Gang

[ ]
B.A.C.A.L.A.: Abel Hererro has proven himself and his record is there for all to see; he is a fine representative

Abel Hererro has proven himself and his record is there for all to see. I am proud of Abel, he is a fine representative.

There is a natural law I always like to follow, "If it isnt broke , then it don't need fixin".

On the other hand,

Velacrat is making friends with the Federal Entrapment gang and sycophants up to the ones he believes will elevate his Rose to a Federal Judicial Bench.

Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket & the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions?

Inroads (for GOP) into South Texas?

Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad!

TLR?? ..................................three little bitty letters;

nah, I wouldnt worry bout em.

Posted By Jaime Kenedeño to South Texas Verdad at 12/09/2007 03:52:00 AM

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Can The City of Corpus Christi to explain how a $25 towing fee is inflated to $193.30

Can The City of Corpus Christi to explain how a $25 towing fee is inflated to $193.30
If it is true there is a $25 towing fee and  lets throw in rent fee of $25 per day the City Pound is Profiting  ~ 400%!

Bryan Smith Speaks of unconscionable but do the same rules apply when the shoe is on his foot? Below the commentary is a letter from Howard Karsh who is pissed off and rightfully so. Remember, next time it might be one of your people.

The fees accruing by the minute are the mechanism that places so many vehicles on the auction block, any one familiar with the Impound Policies can easily notice a vehicle sinking in quicksand. It is wrong to blame an insider for taking the opportunity when the city policies are the reason people lose their vehicles. In a nutshell the fee to get the vehicle was already out of reach for the owner to pay, the problem is somebody else had their eyes already focused on the vehicle and didnt get it. In other words the owner had already lost the vehicle and the officer at least gave them more than they would have ever received from the city.  The same methodology applies with the property tax seizures, an one familiar with the Nueces County Policies can interdict a property before it becomes the property of the County. The outrageous and unconscionable price gouging will make even the fortunate ones who pay the ransom say OUCH!

Will everyone Acquiesce until it is their Automobile being held for ransom?
I sent the following message to all of the city council members, the mayor and the city manager.

My son was carjacked and attacked with tire irons last Sunday night November 23, 2007 at 5pm in the parking lot of Wings and More on Staples and Wooldridge. He was pulled form his car while parked with the engine running. One of his attackers threatened that he was going to kill my son when my son fought back and defended himself. He received several injuries including a tire iron to the face which required stitches and left my son with a cheek broken in three places. He was also hit in the back of the head with a tire iron by a second attacker and had his finger broken while defending himself from the tire iron attack. A female Tammy Bond had arranged for my son to meet her at this location. My son ran to Wings and More to get away from his attackers when he heard a the third Hispanic male threatening to kill him while reaching into a vehicle for what my son thought might be another weapon, possibly a gun. The woman Tammy Bond proceeded to drive off in my sons car.

The car was found the next morning completely cleaned out. The carjackers got my sons laptop, calculator, text books, schoolwork projects and notes. they also stole his work clothes and bartending supplies. My son has suffered physical and emotional damage. He is a Deans list student at TAMU and has had to take an incomplete in one class and may lose one of his part time jobs because he has to makeup time for losing his school materials before finals The car itself has sustained several thousand dollars in damage.

To add insult to injury the Corpus Christi Police Department Impound lot charged my son $193.30 for towing and impounding his car for one day. A city police office has informed me that the city only pays $25 for towing. There was only one "clerk" to handle the crowd of people trying to get their vehicles released. Fortunately we did have the resources to get my sons car out of the impound lot before the interest accrued to the point where the city would have been the second carjacker in less than a week. Fortunately he was able to get his car started without my help because only one of us was allowed to inspect the car and remove it from the impound lot. Another unnecessary obstacle to retrieving the vehicle. It is incredible to me the hurdles the city has placed to prevent people form getting their cars out of impound. No wonder several police officers were able to scam the public at the impound lot. Unfortunately it is the very policy of the city that appears to have made their scam work. I believe I am entitled to and want an accounting from you and the City of Corpus Christi to explain to me how a $25 towing fee can be inflated to $193.30 and why the City of Corpus Christi has further victimized my son.

We picked up my sons car last week. Attached is the receipt showing the charges we had to pay to get his car released. I erased his name and address on this receipt. We will have to have the auto cleaned as it was covered inside and outside with fingerprint dust (I'm not complaining about the cleaning.) Just one more expense. Brought the car into the shop where they found brake damage all around. Tie rod damage. A cracked radiator and windshield. All of which my mechanic assures me was most probably caused by the carjackers. My mechanics records do not show any of these problems and he has been maintaining the car since we purchased it from its original owner two or three years ago. The insurance company, State Farm is only willing to pay for the brake and windshield damage. We have also requested that the insurance company kicks in for changing the locks as the thieves still have his car keys. The insurance company is refusing to pay to re-key the car. Not like these carjackers live in New York or Detroit. My son met this woman where he was working as a bartender. What's to stop her or her friends from finding his car where they know he works and stealing it again with the keys? We are still negotiating.  Anyhow, all his school books, papers, calculator and lap top are gone and not covered by our home insurance or car insurance. His work clothes, shoes, and bartending supplies were also stolen. Even the car manual was stolen. His car was completely emptied. the only thing they left was the doughnut spare. My son has had to take an incomplete in one course and may lose a part time day job because he had to ask for the time off to catch up on studying for his finals without his notes, calculator, memory sticks and laptop. Then there is the inconvenience to the family as we are now down one car and have to share our vehicles so everyone can get where they need to go. I'll have to re-key all the house locks because they got his house keys. I won't recount here the physical and emotional injuries my son is suffering from or the emotional toll it has taken on myself and his mother and sisters. We are all looking over our shoulders and double locking the doors. Anyhow, with all this c*#! it really burns me to have to pay the city $193 for towing and storing his car. One police officer I have heard from has informed me that towing costs the city $25. If the city impound lot belongs to the citizens, why I am paying them rent for the property that belongs to me. Truth is I have resources so all though it hurts I can pay to get my car released.
The night of the crime the police went to this womans house, her name is Tammy Bond. There were three males with her. One had outstanding warrants so they arrested him. My son picked out two of the three from a photo lineup as his attackers. The last we heard there are warrants out for the carjackers my son identified.

Howard Karsh

Kenedeno & Associates

Monday, November 26, 2007

Below is the myspace of the woman who carjacked College Student at Wings & More

Attention please read the myspace below it is no longer available on myspace and also wake up!, We got a real problem on the streets and community of Corpus Christi. Please keep the identities (of the good guys) out of the equation. This is a violent, disgraceful and disrespectful group.

I was really annoyed at the way channel 10 covered the story of my
son's carjacking. They made it sound sleazy a 24 year old man meeting a
seventeen year old girl. Anyhow I wrote this up and sent them a copy. In the
end I think my son while bleeding profusely from his gashed broken cheek was
darn heroic in trying to ward off these three attackers who cowardly
attacked him without warning. Even though he was bare handed, he didn't run
for cover from them until the third threatened to kill him while reaching
for a possible weapon. I sent channel 12 this woman's myspace page and the
following summary of what happened. Please pass on these facts. Thank you.

Below is the myspace of the woman who carjacked my son at Wings & More
on Sunday night. She is not 17. She is 20 years old. She was not his girl
friend. She was the younger sister of a friend my son knew when he attended
Ray High School. She was an acquaintance who called him to arrange a meeting
so that my son could follow her and her boyfriend to a place where they
would "hang out" together. Instead she had three of her gangster Hispanic
male friends attack my son with tire irons.  She jumped in the drivers seat
and carjacked his car. The first blow to his right cheek came without
warning from a tire iron while my son was sitting in his car with the engine
running when he turned to get directions from her "boyfriend". He received
three or four stitches to his face. His cheek was broken in three places. He
was jerked from the car and while trying to defend himself from the first
wannabe gangster was hit in the head with a tire iron by a second punk. When
he realized he was being attacked by three weapon swinging male Hispanic
gangsters he ran to the Wings and More to get away from the gangs attack
after the third assailant went back to their car to retrieve possibly
another weapon while threatening to kill my son. My son sustained a broken
finger while holding up his hand to defend himself. My son is a deans list
student at TAMU and works several part time jobs to support himself. He is a
hard worker and getting close to graduation while these wannabe gangsters
who attacked him are running around this community freely. Please correct
your reporting and help us to locate his carjackers and my sons 1997 White
Mercury Cougar thirtieth edition car so that he can continue to attend TAMU
and get to his part time jobs. Thank you.

I see you!!!

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hey you,

just stopping by to say hello and show some love. i hope everything is well, take care.
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Oct 2 2007 11:07 PM

♥♫♥ [[Mrs.Too Real]] 4 [[U]] ♥♫♥

Oct 2 2007 10:42 AM

damn are so pimpin a new boyfriend, well i hope he does you right...put me on some
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Sep 29 2007 8:29 PM

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Sep 29 2007 4:49 PM

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thats my woman!!!MyHotComments
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Sep 27 2007 7:30 PM

hey whats up hoe? When we gonna chill?

Sep 26 2007 9:24 PM

"Hey i dont know what the fuck your problem is but you wanna start actin funny towards me and act like u dont even know me. I thought i was ur friend but then u wanna be a two faced bitch and run your mouth about me. Why dont u be a real nigga and say it to ma motha fuckin face! U know thats pretty fucked up but u go ahead and keep pushin it all u want but u better watch your fuckin back. Your a pussy ass bitch and cant say shit to ma face and that really pisses me the fuck off but you know what, its ok b/c i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. This is just a joke haha but i bet you are PISSED!! Send this to 10 of your friends and see if they get as mad as you and see who gets the madest!" lol...JUST A JOKE, BUT YOU KNO I GOT YOU GOOD!"

Sep 26 2007 3:48 PM

wow you are pregnant how far along are you?
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Sep 26 2007 1:25 PM

Whut up. Just wanted to hit u up and say thanx for the support. Hopefully I will hear from you on the regular. Stay up and get at me anytime.

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just wanted to say thanks for adding me!!
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hey wuts the deal?
well i just wanted to come by ur page 2 show some love!
well ttyl!
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wat da deal ma well juzz showin ur crazy azz some luv well halla at me duce
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hry gutlie what are u going to have

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answer urphone i'am gonna call u right now

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tami waz tha deal i miss u baby girl. what is ur number so that i can call u i'am not at home

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Sep 18 2007 11:12 PM

TEK-(R.I.P. Steven Gonzales )

Sep 17 2007 8:01 AM

what it do how you been ma you need to send another message with your number so we could blow down or some thing ma.....hit me up...

Sep 14 2007 3:32 PM

heyyyy babygirl i miss u!!!!
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Sep 14 2007 11:38 AM

Send this to all ur sexii friends.
Including person who sent it to u



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Sep 13 2007 4:30 PM

Happy Late Birthday
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Sep 13 2007 3:56 PM

Happy b-day cuz, sorry I wasnt able to tell you but I dont know your number an I didnt have a myspace, I need to get you an Jeanette together so I can treat both of yall...
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Sep 13 2007 3:53 PM

hey cuz,
I miss ya..
where you been?

Sep 11 2007 8:15 PM

hey cuz, whatcha been up to?
[kEl] DoN

Sep 10 2007 9:07 PM

happyyy birthdayyy!!!! =)

Sep 10 2007 5:33 PM

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Sep 10 2007 4:26 PM

ayyy SEXy lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope u have a GREAT day!!!!! love ya

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LOVE YA MA...destiny!$!....
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Hey guess what??? I'm performing at BAYFEST!!!!!!!!!

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do tha huslte mama...MAKE THAT MONEY!!!...destiny...
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Sep 4 2007 2:39 PM

hey whats up
~*cherrylinda gots dat juicy goodie lol *~

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what the fuck ma ur preg orale whens the fuckin baby shower lol que paso ma when did this happen mija well hit me backs up ma alratos
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Sep 1 2007 9:13 PM

my niggaa wats the deal?

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whutz tha deal ma? i'm jus stoppin by to show some love.holla at me whenever your not busy, so we can chill!get throwed or somethin!!!
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red flag is the DEAD FLAG...
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Aug 22 2007 8:53 PM

Big Blu

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Aug 19 2007 10:14 PM

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Aug 11 2007 4:33 PM

Hey Tami,
What are u doing??? Man I haven't talked to u in forever what have u been up to, man I work at a retirement home and I work my ass off its hard:(
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Aug 10 2007 10:09 PM

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On Nov 26, 2007 10:52 PM, Howard Karsh <> wrote:
This is the My Space page of the woman who carjacked my sons car. We know
her first name is Tammy, we think her last name is Bond or Bonda. The police
know who she is. Had to go to San Antonio today so I have not spoken with
the police department today. I'll have to call them tommorrow. .

Kenedeno & Associates