Not Even GOD himself

Not Even GOD himself

Monday, October 19, 2009

WATT Responsiveness? WATT happened? Was it a Hug or an assault?

Think I don't remember? I await your approach. Bring it! Lets open the subjects that you used to get elected but did nothing you vowed. Angelica, you threw my wife away and when you could have helped you count even keep your word and call me back as promised. Angelica you're a ladder climber and used us to do it. So I got the counter to your ascension and as for Homero, I love you like my family and it is hard to accept that you operate as my enemy. Research and accruing the firepower that is where we have been. Where are you, my dear "friends?"

Good luck to both and should you prevail, we will expect full responsiveness to us the constituency of HD #33. When we call, we want to speak with our Representative or at least return the call. You know? Like it is right now.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Local "Loophole Candidates" and Local "Loophole "Yanqui" Power Broker held Chair Massage Seminars this week.

Local "Loophole Candidates" Solomon Ortiz Jr. and Danny Noyola Sr. have been courting the HD #33 Precinct Chairs in an attempt to solidify a majority vote of 44 precinct chairs who will be voting on ????????. Local "Loophole Yanqui Extraordinaire" / Power Broker Mikal Watts, recently held his own Chair Massage (Whataburger Field) as well.

Capelo Still In The Craw Of the Trial Lawyers

Texas State House District #33 Precinct Chairs are currently very popular since the July 4th Fireworks of the resignation of Incumbent HD #33 Representative Vilma Luna. In all appearances of spontaneity and quality family time explanations it really turned out to be an accurately tossed piece of tough meat into a pack of ravenous who currently rank lower on the food chain. This was not a woman changing her mind but a coach pulling one of his players after exhausting herself completely on the field of play. I commend her and I wish her the best. Thank you for everything Vilma. You did your JOB and IMO you walked the line with a trueness and loyalty. One must realize Mr. Watts does not like to lose and with respect to the Capelo legislation he is still fighting. This is the one thing that has made Mikal's goal to be the next Hayden Head. Patron WATTS is not a justiciable title but then again he has a long way to go towards the Hayden Head Award. So WATT is it about him that screws the little people? Well, here is one example where our Primary Vote is USURPED. Another scenario to conceptualize, would be the Judicial arrogance resulting in a denial of justice for the rest of us; as attorneys who did not get their way in another case and the knowledge of the technical maneuvers rendered due to the innate feeling of invincibility our Judges develop due to the effectual relief they provide for Mikal as a "Corporate Predator". Well that's enough of that.

Local Politicos Rock & Roll on the Corpus Christi Bay

Solly held his event on the Captain Clark Flagship. Chili was served, Tejano music, an extended cruise around the Corpus Christi Bay and of course free beer. There was a very festive attitude and quite a turnout. I spoke with Solly for the first time. He was a very good host. We didn't talk that much about the nomination except that he is truly interested and he still believes he can get the votes. It was kind of rough water and a couple of big tough men developed a mild case of seasickness. That stuff will make one kiss mother earth upon return. Who was there? Many I knew but many more I did not know the faces but knew their names. It is kind of nice to put a name with a face. I seen a few Precinct Chairs mainly Susie Luna, Nancy Vera, Rowland Andrade and other Politicos such as René Rodriguez, Rene Saenz and his wife Stephanie, John Kelly, Joe Benavides, Oscar Ortiz (Nueces County Commissioner) and many children running around having a wonderful time.

"that chair is already taken"

by Dannoynted1

We almost decided against going to the LULAC Barbeque for Danny Noyola senior today but I am glad we did the food was delicious!

Especially the pinto beans, I have to get that recipe.

For those of you who missed it, you missed out on a tasty meal, but there was no place to sit as I looked around there was a half a table empty so I went over there to see if I could sit down and the women said yes.

Well, I ate alone while Jaime talked with Danny and his wife Alma. There were pictures along the wall of previous/current LULAC presidents and/or members but I definitely recognized DR. Hector P. Garcia as one of them.

After I scooted over the beer cans to put my plate down, several men arrived and they just stared at me. When my husband whistled and I showed him where I was. He came and sat next to me when the man on my left then told US rudely "that chair is already taken".

Well, rather than start crap, we got up and left the table. We went and hung out in the front entry by the kitchen where Jesse Olivarez (no relation to Larry) was cutting the brisket. I went to get my husband and his brother a plate of food. His girlfriend was working at the hospital and wanted a plate but Danny's sister and another woman refused to give me another plate. I told my husband and his brother when Mr. Jesse Olivarez (who was right there cutting brisket) told one of the little girls who were helping him to bring a plate.

Thank you Jesse!

I saw a few of the regulars on the political front Joe Benavides, Brian Miller, Coretta Graham, and Nancy Vera and as we were leaving, we shook hands with DMC Board of Regents Member Gabriel Rivas.

Got some documentation highlighting some precinct chairs statements of their commitment to Danny Noyola. I counted 11 plus Alma Noyola for a total of 12.

Danny Jr. spoke he said, "they already have more than the 22 they need; but they were not all accounted for on the blue handout.

Some serious Partying goin down at the LULAC #1

Danny Noyola held his event at the LULAC #1. Barbeque was served with rice beans and potato salad and of course free beer. It was delicious. The beans were delectable. Danny and his wife Alma treated us with all of the dignity and respect of royalty. During Danny's speech is when I decided to get a plate and sit down (while all eyes were glued on Danny). At least that is what I thought till I sat down in a vacant row of chairs next to my wife. Some older man, well let's just say he didn't like me sitting next to my wife. Out of respect for Danny & Alma and the privilege; I made myself defer. The only thing I did not do, that I wished I had done; was get that guys name. I chalk it up to old school Molina. It is not a big deal and in no way does it affect my respect for Danny or Alma. I believe both Democrats (Danny Noyola & Solomon Ortiz Jr.) are very capable and electable as HD #33 is a Democratic District. The Noyola Event was definitely a serious event and to most of them I am an outsider. I am troubled by the loophole method that the November Candidate will be chosen. After meeting them both I will vote for one of them in November. Good luck to both and should you prevail, we will expect full responsiveness to us the constituency of HD #33. When we call, we want to speak with our Representative or at least return the call. You know? Like it is right now.

Chair Massage cost Mikal much more than "TWO FER A NICKEL"

And Mikal's bash?

Well, we wouldn't know; since it was such an elite Chair Massage.

Only the best Massages for our HD #33 Precinct Chairs.

Right Mikal?

Posted by Jaime Kenedeño to Political Pulse at 7/31/2006 01:11:00 AM

Was it a Hug or an assault?

WATT happened?

Was it a Hug or an assault?

Roland Garza who has been addressing the issues at Miller High School says Danny Noyola Assaulted him on his live mike show. Garza said the Community is his witness.

Danny Jr. vehemiently defends his father and call Roland Garza a flat out liar.

1440 KEYS is doing the show on it right now.

Let us see WATT happens.

WATT exactly are the Facts?

8:40 AM

Jaime Kenedeño said...

Jr says it is a false police report

it is criminal

Says Roland Garza is a Liar and is libelous

Cannot believe Garza would play politics like this.

Jr says Noyola was offered a central office position in response to the demotion.

They want Noyola on the show.

Now Willie Vaden calling in.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Re: Parkdale Plaza Demolition / Walmart Center Site


Here is the problem I am seeing, MONEY. Is it true Walmart is budgeting 10 million dollars for the project and if so I do not see it happening with abatement included. I could be off on my ball park estimates but I do know Asbestos abatement is very expensive and 10 mill sounds like just for the plain and dry demolition, site prep and construction. However, I do agree with you "that any demolition company knows the protocol for asbestos abatement" that is,..... any demolition company our city issues a permit to.

 Have they started demolition?

Are you asking or perhaps just being a bit snippy with me? I dont think they have started demolition as of yet but since you are confident; it wont bother you to be there when the demolition begins? My family and friends and all of Solly Jr.'s district reside in harms way should incompetence arise. I urge you to apprise yourself of the situation (and I could be wrong there may not be a drop of asbestos in the place) before expressing blind confidence in a project that might endanger the community.

Why not walk the walk and express your confidence in insuring this project?

I have only responded to your disdain or appearance thereof.



On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Mike Hummell <> wrote:
    I am confident that any demolition company knows the protocal for asbestos abatement.  have they started demolition?

From: Jaime Kenedeno []
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 6:56 AM
Cc:; adlen007;;; Mike Hummell
Subject: Parkdale Plaza Demolition / Walmart Center Site

Dear John Marez & Esteemed Council Members,

Please accept this communication knowing I bring my concerns to you with the utmost confidence. Concerning the demolition of the Parkdale Plaza Structure, I believe may contain asbestos and if so appropriate abatement processes must be adhered to for the health and safety of the proximate community. Your service is appreciated and as always your response I await.


Anton Haley 

Kenedeño  & Associates
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Kenedeño  & Associates
Phone (361) 774-9103

Parkdale Plaza Demolition / Walmart Center Site

Dear John Marez & Esteemed Council Members,

Please accept this communication knowing I bring my concerns to you with the utmost confidence. Concerning the demolition of the Parkdale Plaza Structure, I believe may contain asbestos and if so appropriate abatement processes must be adhered to for the health and safety of the proximate community. Your service is appreciated and as always your response I await.


Anton Haley 

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Dear Lou Dobbs, How Bout That For Groundwork?

Dear Lou Dobbs, How Bout That For Groundwork?

Nice Work Guys!

Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents

One of outgoing President's last acts, Bush frees men convicted of shooting Mexican drug dealer

— In his final acts of clemency, President George W. Bush on Monday commuted the prison sentences of two former U.S. Border Patrol agents whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited fierce debate about illegal immigration.

Bush's decision to commute the sentences of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who tried to cover up the shooting, was welcomed by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress. They had long argued that the agents were merely doing their jobs, defending the American border against criminals. They also maintained that the more than 10-year prison sentences the pair was given were too harsh.

Rancor over their convictions, sentencing and firings has simmered ever since the shooting occurred in 2005. The former border guards in El Paso, Texas, are expected to be released from prison within the next two months.

"After four years of fighting this, it's taken a toll on me and my daughter, and really the whole family," said Joe Loya, Ramos' father-in law, who has received tens of thousands of supportive e-mails and spent much of the past two years traveling the country to speak about the case.

He said his daughter, Monica Ramos, called from New York after learning the news that her husband was to be released from a federal prison just outside Phoenix.

"She could hardly speak," Loya said.

Ramos and Compean became a rallying point among conservatives and on talk shows where their supporters called them heroes. Nearly the entire bipartisan congressional delegation from Texas and other lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle pleaded with Bush to grant them clemency.

Bush didn't pardon the men for their crimes, but decided instead to commute their sentences because he believed they were excessive and that they had already suffered the loss of their jobs, freedom and reputations, a senior administration official said.

The action by the president, who believes the border agents received fair trials and that the verdicts were just, does not diminish the seriousness of their crimes, the official said.

Compean and Ramos, were convicted of shooting admitted drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete Davila in the buttocks as he fled across the Rio Grande, away from an abandoned van load of marijuana. The border agents argued during their trials that they believed the smuggler was armed and that they shot him in self defense. The prosecutor in the case said there was no evidence linking the smuggler to the van of marijuana. The prosecutor also said the border agents didn't report the shooting and tampered with evidence by picking up several spent shell casings.

The agents were fired after their convictions on several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon and with serious bodily injury, violation of civil rights and obstruction of justice. All their convictions, except obstruction of justice, were upheld on appeal.

Compean and Ramo were sentenced to 12 years and 11 years in prison, respectively. They each also were fined $2,000 and sentenced to three years of supervised release. Under the terms of Bush's commutation, their prison sentences will expire on March 20, but their three-year terms of supervised release and the fines will remain intact.

With the new acts of clemency, Bush has granted a total of 189 pardons and 11 commutations.

That's fewer than half as many as Presidents Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan issued during their two-term tenures. Bush technically has until noon on Tuesday when President-elect Barack Obama is sworn into office to exercise his executive pardon authority, but presidential advisers said no more were forthcoming.

The president had made most of his pardon decisions on low-profile cases, but his batch in December created controversy.

Isaac Robert Toussie of Brooklyn, N.Y, convicted of making false statements to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and of mail fraud, was among 19 people Bush pardoned just before Christmas. But after learning in news reports that Toussie's father had donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party a few months ago, as well as other information, the president reversed his decision on Toussie's case.

The White House said the decision to revoke the pardon a step unheard of in recent memory was based on information about the extent and nature of Toussie's prior criminal offenses, and that neither the White House counsel's office nor the president had been aware of a political contribution by Toussie's father and wanted to avoid creating an appearance of impropriety.

In an earlier high-profile official act of forgiveness, Bush saved Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, from serving prison time in the case of the 2003 leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. Libby was convicted of perjury and obstructing justice. Bush could still grant him a full pardon, although Libby has not applied for one.

Clinton issued a total of 457 in eight years in office. Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, issued 77 in four years. Reagan issued 406 in eight years, and President Carter issued 563 in four years. Since World War II, the largest number of pardons and commutations 2,031 came from President Truman, who served 82 days short of eight years.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
Posted on January 18, 2009 at 03:12:40 AM by Jaime Kenedeño

"I usually get my stuff from people who promised somebody else that they would keep it a secret."

This entry below from a
"CC Guerilla"
definitely one of those "IN THE KNOW".
"CC Guerilla"
a follower of our legal odyssey focused on the Modification of JOB Opportunities and the Manufacturing of Prosecution of the Little People.

>Why hasn't anyone gone after Filemon personally as a way to derail Rose?
>If you go to and follow the instructions on finding out who
>gave to whom, how much, and when, then load up Filemon Vela as an
>Individual Search you'll see he's made significant contributions to two
>notorious politicians. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Senator Robert
>Menendez (D-NJ). Hunter is an undicted coconspirator in the very same mess
>that sent ex-rep "Duke" Cunningham's#####to prison recently, and Menendez
>is currently under federal investigation for shady real estate dealings by
>renting a building he owns to a non-profit and pocketing $300, 000.00 in
>taxpayer subsidies.

The Velas are strictly personal with me for reasons of
>>>>>extreme hubris on their parts. There's a rather simple story
>>>>>associated with all of this and it's one of an extremely cruel act on
>>>>>their part that I witnessed and in no way involved me beyond being a
>>>>>spectator. And it was at that time that they got on my #### list.
>>>>>That he's a spoiled brat millionaire and she's a jurist and both with
>>>>>political agendas is purely coincidental. I only want to teach them a
>>>>>lesson. Be nice to everybody...because some people won't give a ####
>>>>>who or what you are and will come after you. That's what guerillas do
>>>>>kingal...go after the bigger bullies of the world.
>>>>>Another coincidence is that I would appear to be an unpaid, unknown and
>>>>>coincidental campaign worker for Hinojosa. I'm not. I'm about as
>>>>>apolitical as they come. My own personal view is that we've long (if
>>>>>ever it was the case) passed the time when getting the right person in
>>>>>office is a viable solution. To me, it's not so much of getting the
>>>>>best person in...but keeping the worst asshole OUT. I'm just that
>>>>>simple man.

* There is no excuse for violating the basic human rights afforded under the United States Constitution.
* How many kids were locked up by a court of nonrecord?
* Not even with a parent's consent unless the parent has been given the opportunity to consult with counsel.
* How many children taken into custody were advised of their Miranda Rights?
* Oh yeah, Plaisted and every CCISD kid for whom, he provided service

Whether by Political Targeting (to suppress election participation / engagement) or in retaliation to my past involvement in the Politics of South Texas, blatant acts of abuse of power, use (abuse) of Official position to strike blows in political expediency and exaction of personal vendettas, the violation of Civil Rights and the taking of Liberty by unauthorized process (lacking Jurisdiction) in direct violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure / Due Process Assurances by confining parents and children where the statutes clearly define punishment and sanctions to be by fine only and not by confinement. These words by fine only and not by confinement are words the South Texas Judiciary continues to work diligently to keep out of the record and hushed from the Public Citizenry.Why would we shut up now?

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Re: City Council District 3


I believe in you. I believe you can not only stand up against the grain for the little people but also with your passionate diligence and diplomacy achieve the goals set out by actually getting the grain to align and go with you (and your belief in the little people).

 I know Joe Ortiz the man and will go to bat for his team any day of the week and twice on Sunday. In supporting Joe I have only good to speak of his incumbent opponent. In his other opponent, I speak of greatness in the endeavors of a man who has worn the hat of the RTA well and honorably. The main idea in this race is, both of Joe's opponents have had their opportunities and have delivered a success only limited by those in opposition to them; I believe Joe will gather the opposition and in unison they will all fly one way. I believe this is the case and I believe we need to give somebody else an opportunity to wear a hat as a community leader.

Give it a thought and give Joe a chance.


Jaime Kenedeno

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 8:55 PM, joe ortiz <> wrote:
I need your support in seeking the City Council District 3 elections.  Thank you for you time.
Joe A. Ortiz

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